Thursday, 27 September 2012

Sooo, what is an Anti-Bride?

A lot of my friends, colleagues, relatives, etc. have been asking what is an anti-bride? Because apparently when they hear anti-bride this image comes to mind:

Linda Blair-ish face, head turning, scary monster. Flame spewing when things are not in order, no that isn't an anti-bride, that is another famous bride description the bridezilla. (bridezilla illustrated below.) to find out what a bridezilla is you can click HERE.  LOL.

So, going back what is an Anti Bride?
No, it is not related to being Anti-Christ or anything,  anti-brides are not anti-marriage. 
They're not anti-wedding and they're certainly not anti-groom. They are not necessarily against the white dress though they are probably, more open to a wedding dress in color or period costume. 

Anti -brides don't believe that the wedding is "all about the bride." As shocking and as rare as it may sound. To them it is all about the solemnity—and the vows the couple will make.

 An anti-bride lets her bridal party decide what to wear. As an anti-bride, they rather have her friends wear a dress that they like, that they feel beautiful in, and that they can wear and feel beautiful in again, something they can wear once more than just gather dust in their closets. 

She opts for nontraditional wedding invitations. Whether the couple designed it themselves or their best friend and brilliant graphic designer offers to do the legwork, An anti-bride want the invitations to reflect them as an individual couple, not an ideal that others aspire to.
 Probably the best way to describe an anti-bride is that they are non-traditional. In the end, as long as  she and the groom are planning to show up, the anti-bride knows that everything will work out just fine.

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