Friday, 4 May 2012

DIY Prenup Photos

So here they are, our DIY Prenup photos :)

It took quite a lot of online planning (i wasn't physically present much) , searching for location, clothes and accessories. I thought it would be impossible to do; but we managed to get it done :)
 So one fine march morning we finally had our prenup photo shoot. We began taking photos around 6:15-6:30 in the morning; the location - inside the village my fiancee lives in, there's a man-made lake, an open field and Mt. Arayat in the background :)

Photography - Sister-in-law to be :)
Flowers (2 sets) - Brother-in-law to be :)
Location, Wardrobe,Styling, Hair and Make-Up - Fiancee
Post-processing - Me
Concept - Us

The first few shots :)

Going back to our younger years :)

This was sorta sudden, we didn't really plan to have a photo shoot inside a tricycle, but "manong" was kind enough to lend us his ride hahaha! He actually stopped by and was watching us so we asked his permission
if we could use the tricycle. He was so accommodating he even helped set up the props :)

 Look who decided to join us :)

Kite flying anyone?

 My Fiancee made the pin  :)  and the dress  :)

Final set of photos   :)


Did I mention that there's a barn nearby as well? 

All this done in just about 4 hours 30 minutes more or less, we had the "pamamanhikan" that day as well so we had to wrap it up quick. We had tons of fun doing this and I must say any place can be a great prenup location with enough planning. Til my next post! :)